Welcome to the Brighton BJJ Exchange


Quality, Friendly, Affordable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Brighton BJJ Exchange is a martial arts club founded by the Great Marcus Trower and built around an ethos of affordable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with no politics. Our Classes cost £6, and are are an hour and a half long. Please don’t think that affordable BJJ is bad BJJ.

If you have never tried BJJ before your first class is FREE, what are you waiting for!

We like to think we are a friendly club!


  • We’re a small — though growing — club, which means students get a lot of personal attention.
  • We encourage you to ‘roll’ — in other words, to spar — in a safe and controlled manner as soon as possible, because rolling is what makes BJJ ridiculously addictive and fun.
  • We follow a well-thought-out curriculum designed to get you improving rapidly.
  • We believe getting better at BJJ is a collaborative process, and we’re there to help each other develop and improve. And the better our classmates become, the better we need to get in response, meaning the standard of the whole group rises.
  • We follow a non-tribalistic approach to BJJ. We welcome BJJ practitioners from other clubs and associations, and we encourage our students to train elsewhere as well as at our club.
  • We like to enjoy our training and have a laugh now and then, like during our ongoing War Face Competition (the winner won a new gi), but we’re serious when we need to be.Website ImageMondaySesh
  • If you’re a beginner visiting our club, bring a gi if you’ve got one (the jacket and pants we wear, similar to the outfit judo guys wear for judo). If you don’t have a gi, no problem, for your first 3 classes we will lend you a gi jacket for free. After that we hope you choose to keep doing bjj and are willing to order yourself a gi – after your first 3 classes we charge £2 to hire a gi.  Just message us so we know you’re coming and we can bring in a jacket for you.

    See contact details page.

  • Please make sure your fingernails and toenails are clipped so that you don’t cut anyone with your claws, and don’t wear any jewellery, as it can get broken or caught. Thanks!

We are proud to be affiliated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Jack Magee and his Mad Hatters Asylum in Chichester.